The legend of the healing wine from the Rudi Monastery

It is said that one of the great rulers of Moldova, Grigore Ghica, became ill and for a long time, none of the doctors of the land could find a cure to his illness. Until, one day, a peasant stopped at the gate asking for an audience by His Majesty. “Your Majesty, the man said to him, if you can leave the country throne for a month, I know the secret that will restore back the force of your body.” And the ruler went with the peasant to the lands of Rudi, where he was treated with grapes and wine. In 30 days, he got healed, feeling more healthy and strong than ever. As a sign of gratitude, he would later build, in this blessed land, the famous monastery of Rudi (1777), on the banks of the Dniester. And today Moldovan wines, through their therapeutic qualities, are used to treat some diseases, through uvotherapy (grape, must, juice) and oenotherapy (wine treatment) in spa resorts such as Camenca, Calarasi, Vorniceni, Vadul lui Voda and Cahul. Today, the monasteries of Moldova continue to produce wine from their own vineyards, which they use in the mystery of communion, as a symbol of the blood of Christ.