Australian Wine Research Institute recommendations for Moldovan winemakers


The National Office for Vine and Wine supports the development of the country’s wine sector and contributes to increasing the quality of bottled wines. Recently, representatives of the sector, including oenologists, production managers and workers of the wineries’ laboratories, participated in a specialized seminar on “The treatment and stabilization of wine products”, held by an international expert from the Australian Wine Research Institute.

Con Simos, group manager for the development and support of the wine industry in Australia, came up with several recommendations for Moldovan winemakers to produce a wine that will fascinate the consumer from the first sip:

1.  White wines can be much more difficult to produce because they have a more delicate structure and the oxidation is the most common problem in the production process. 

2.  In order to preserve the fruity and fresh flavors characteristic of white wines, the grapes must be picked on time. Otherwise, after the fermentation process the drink will get more alcohol than necessary.

3. Red wines have a high alcoholic content, especially during hot periods. High temperatures contribute to a high concentration of sugar and, therefore, generate a high degree of alcohol, which is only sometimes beneficial. 

4. So far, the climatic conditions in Moldova have been favorable for the production of wines, but the gradual rise of temperatures could create real difficulties for winemakers. This will require the wine producers to implement new technologies and innovations in order to increase the productivity.

During the seminar, the foreign expert also spoke about the wine sector in Australia, which in recent years has implemented some state-of-the-art technologies to increase the quality, but also about the Australian Wine Show System – the unique system which allows the winemakers to know and analyze the wine products, but at the same time – to attract more and more foreigners.

Con Simos, group manager for wine industry development and support, Australian Wine Research Institute: “If we take a look in the past, the quality of Wine of Moldova has considerably increased. Now Moldova produces high quality wines. These efforts must be continued, so that you will have a distinctive wine, a trademark characteristic of the country, which can be associated with your country in the consumer’s mind.”

The Australian expert said that in order to maintain the upward trend of quality, it is necessary for Moldovan winemakers to taste the wines produced in the major wine regions and at the same time be up to date with the news on the markets of their direct competitors. This, together with the innovations implemented, will contribute to the creation of quality wines, attractive to both local and international consumers.

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