Experts from France, a role model country in the “Implementation of Protected Designations of Origin”, will share their experience with the National Office for Vine and Wine

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They have initiated the development of quality systems in the wine sector 100 years ago and will share their experience with the Republic of Moldova. The National Office for Vine and Wine (ONVV) has signed a Collaboration Memorandum with the National Institute of Origin and Quality of the French Republic (INAO), which provides support and technical assistance in strengthening the quality systems of local wine products to the Moldovan side.

The agreement emphasizes the efforts made by ONVV to develop quality signs, such as Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) and Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), which are a quality guarantee of Wine of Moldova for final consumers, highlights the originality and specificity of Moldovan wines, as well as the traditional winemaking methods and at the same time facilitates the access of domestic winemakers to foreign markets by adding value and notoriety to their products.

The Memorandum is an essential component of the “Identification and delimitation of the first viticultural PDO from Moldova” Project, implemented by ONVV in order to support potential beneficiaries to develop a Protected Designation of Origin, as required by the EU. Protecting a PDO and certifying the PDO wine products is a confirmation of the highest level of wine’s quality and involves a more complex but rewarding procedure. Benefiting from the experience of French experts, the National Office for Vine and Wine will be able to apply the best practices related to the implementation of the PDO in the Republic of Moldova.

Gheorghe Arpentin, Director, National Office for Vine and Wine: “ONVV has started a program to support winemakers willing to implement PGI/ PDO quality systems. The wines with Protected Geographical Indication have already been produced for 4 years in the Republic of Moldova and we are ready to start the necessary procedures for identifying and developing potential PDOs. In this regard, the Collaboration Memorandum signed with the National Institute of Origin and Quality of the French Republic is a valuable tool that will allow us not only to achieve the delimitation of PDOs at the highest level in the Republic of Moldova, but also to develop the PDO Associations and to elaborate the specifications. We are going to develop an action plan for 2019, comprising the joint actions to be undertaken by ONVV and INAO.”

The document signed on April 4th by the ONVV Director Gheorghe Arpentin and the INAO Director, Marie Guittard, sets out: cooperation activities in the field of demarcation of geographical areas for protected designations of origin and protected geographical indications in the wine sector; providing consultancy on writing the tasks for the production of wine products with PGI and PDO in the notebook; organizing seminars, roundtables, joint professional training courses and study visits of experts from both institutions.

About the PGI/PDO system in the Republic of Moldova

In 2015, with the harmonization of national and European legislation, ONVV began implementing the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) quality system. The certification of wines with PGI started in 2016. At present there are 3 defined wine Regions with PGI – “Codru”, “Stefan-Voda”, “Valul lui Traian” – ​​and a delimited region for the production of wine spirit – “Divin”. Both PGI and PDO ensure the consumer that the product originates from a delimited viticultural area, was obtained from certain grape varieties and produced according to strict rules, but the pick quality of a wine is guaranteed by the PDO.

The Protected Designation of Origin confirms that the grapes from which the wine was produced originate 100% from the geographically delimited area, and the quality/characteristics of the wine are due exclusively to the geographical environment and the production traditions specific to the area.

For these reasons, PDO, as a rule, represents a narrower geographical area, and its delimitation is an extremely complex process, based on relevant technical data, which may justify the accurate establishment of the borders of a PDO.

About the National Institute of Origin and Quality of the French Republic (INAO)

The National Institute of Origin and Quality of the French Republic is a public institution whose competence focuses on the protection and management of quality systems: Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), Protected Geographical Indication (PGI), Guaranteed Traditional Specialty, Biological Agriculture and “Label Rouge”. Founded in 1935, the INAO has a vast experience in defining, protecting and promoting the quality of French agri-food products.

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