High quality sparkling wines and the good French practices. An oenologist from France held a course for Moldovan winemakers on the production of sparkling wines



High quality sparkling wines are obtained after a complex process that involves a lot of time, much work and dexterity. The National Office for Vine and Wine organized a seminar on “Good practices for the production of sparkling wines” in order to contribute to increasing the quality of Wine of Moldova. The 3-day course was held by a French oenologist and gathered over 60 people, representatives of the wine and university sector in the country.

Gheorghe Arpentin, director, National Office for Vine and Wine: “The National Office for Vine and Wine has as main objective the increase of the quality of wines produced in Moldova. That is why within the program of implementation of the “Wine Academy” quality system, we regularly organize various study visits, seminars and thematic conferences dedicated to the wine sector so that the best foreign experts can share their experience and that the good practices of other countries to be implemented in our country.”

The seminar was held by Richard Marchal, senior lecturer at the University of Reims Champaghe-Ardenne, a biochemist oenologist in France. Among the main topics covered are the techniques of selecting the grape juice, the correct treatment of raw material for the production of sparkling wine, effervescence and foaming, as well as the technique of correct tasting.

Richard Marchal, biochemist oenologist, Laboratory of Oenology and Applied Chemistry, France: “The production of a high quality sparkling wine requires a lot of work and patience. In addition, winemakers must take into account several factors that influence the final product. But the greatest attention should be paid to the alcohol concentration in wine and the protein content obtained from the autolysis of yeasts in wine, which have a major impact on the effervescence and pearling of the sparkling wine. However increasing alcohol concentration and the wrong wine treatment can drastically reduce the creation of foam and pearls characteristic of sparkling wine.”

The French expert also talked about the most important factors influencing the quality of the sparkling wine: the right time for harvesting the grapes, the health status of the grapes, the variety chosen for the production, the grape juice fractionation, the correct treatment of the raw wine material as well as the sulfuric anhydride content in the raw wine material.

The seminar was attended by more than 60 people, oenologists and representatives of wine-producing units producing sparkling wines, teachers, students from the Technical University of Moldova, Agrarian State University of  Moldova, National Center of Winegrowing  and Wine Making of Moldova, National Scientific Institute of Horticulture and Food Products from Moldova.

The statistical data for 2018 show that 2.5 million decalitres of wine were produced in the Republic of Moldova, of which 2% were sparkling wines with Protected Geographical Indication (PGI).

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