Moldavian Wines were appreciated at the prestigious international contest “Oenoforum 2018”


Inland wine makers were remarkably successful at the international contest of wine “Oenoforum 2018” that took place from the 21stto the 22ndof June 2018, at Brno, Vila Stiassni, Czech Republic.

Moldavian Wines were awarded a medal entitled “The Great Gold”, 6 gold medals, with 2 of them being the special prizes “Red Champion” and “Cuvee Champion”.

Company Name Wine Year of production Medal Special Prize
SA Vinuri de Comrat Plai Merlot Shiraz 2016 Greatest Gold Red Champion
Fautor SRL Negre 2016 Gold Champion Cuvee
Fautor SRL Ilustro Cabernet Sauvignon-Merlot 2013 Gold Winner of F Category
Wine international project (Darling) Cabernet Sauvignon 2017   Winner of B1 Category
Doina Vin Vinul Artitude Merlot 2015 Gold Winner of B3 Category
Vinăria din Vale Chardonnat & Feteasca Albă Premium 2015 Gold Winner of E1Category
Vinuri de Comrat SA Plai Cabernet Feteasca neagră 2016 Gold Prize of doc. Vilema Krause (best Cabernet Sauvignon)


Oenoforum – The International Wine Contest from Czech Republic – is the biggest wine contest in the world, organized under the patronage of International Organization of Vine and Wine (OIV), with headquarters in Paris. The organizer is the Czech Association of grape and wine producers in collaboration with Czech oenologists, the Wine Foundation of Czech Republic and the National Centre for Wine. The assessment of participating wines at the contest were of very high standard, with the participation of some wine tasters renowned all over the world.

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