More businessmen from Chicago and New York got acquainted with Wine of Moldova


Wine of Moldova consolidates its position on the US market. Eight winemaking companies have reunited under the “Wine of Moldova. A legend alive” country brand, participated in several meetings with some of the greatest wine importers in Chicago and New York. The American businessmen attended a presentation about Wine of Moldova, followed by a tasting in the “Walk Around Tasting” format.

Irina Bistriţchi, Deputy Director, National Office for Vine and Wine: “The National Office for Vine and Wine aims to diversify the markets of Wine of Moldova, and the B2B events organized for Moldovan winemakers in New York and Chicago during the month of June, are part of our action plan. The US market is extremely important, being on the 1st place according to the value of the wine consumed, about 70 billion dollars over the past year, and per capita consumption is steadily increasing. The US is made up of 52 small markets, and each state has its own laws on the import of wine.”

At the two meetings with the Moldovan winemakers, businessmen were invited – the top management of importing and distributing quality wines companies, which also have an extended sales network at national and regional level. Thus, in the city of Chicago, the representatives of the 25 distribution companies managed to get acquainted with the wines presented by the “Suvorov Vin”, “Vinaria din Vale”, “Sălcuţa”, “Cricova” wineries. At the same time, the winemakers from “Asconi”, “Purcari”, “Castel Mimi” and “Fautor” presented their products to about 50 American businessmen in New York.

Statistical data show that in the first four months of this year wine companies exported wines worth over 9.6 million MDL to the US market. While in 2018 the value of exports exceeded the amount of 38 million MDL. Wine of Moldova is present on the US market since 2015.

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