Grapes and the Holy Transfiguration of Lord

An old biblical teaching says that when summer is reaching autumn, and the days get shorter, the wind turns colder and stronger, it’s a sign that the Lord’s Transfiguration (Probajinile) is coming – “it has shone like the sun, and his garments became white as the light ”(Matthew – 17,2).

Ancient Greeks called it Metamorfis, and it coincided with changing the color of the grapes, or their ripening. The most important doles are fruit, especially grapes.

And today, Moldovans celebrate “Probajinile”, on August 19, the day when the fruits, especially the grapes, are first taken to the church and sanctified. The church on this day officially gives the release of eating apples, pears, grapes. Among people, there is the belief that the one who eats grapes before Probajine “hardens his fangs”.