The legend of the healing wine from Rudi

It is said that one of the big rulers of Moldova, Grigore Ghica got ill and none of the local doctors were able to treat him. One day, a peasant stopped by the gates of the palace asking to see his majesty. When he met the ruler, he told him he knew a secret medicine that would cure the prince but for this, the prince had to leave his throne for one month. So, prince Ghica left his palace and, accompanied by the peasant, headed towards the region of Rudi. There he was treated with grapes and wine. After 30 days, he went back to his throne being healthier and stronger than ever. In sign of recognition, later on, in 1777, he built the famous monastery of Rudi on this blessed area, on the bank of the Dniester. Even today, due to their therapeutic qualities, Moldovan wines can treat some diseases through uvotherapy (treatment using grapes, must and juice) and oenotherapy (treatment using wines) in spa resorts such as Camenca, Calarasi, Vorniceni, Vadul lui Voda and Cahul. Today, the monasteries of Moldova continue to make wines from grapes picked in their own vineyards, which they use for the Holy Communion, as a symbol of Crist’s blood.