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“Discover the Magic of Moldavian Wine: A True Elixir of Tradition and Hospitality”.

In Moldova, wine is not just a simple product, but represents a fundamental element of a modest but elegant way of life that defines the identity of this country. We are incredibly proud of what foreigners call "Moldovan hospitality". Every guest is important to us, that's why we always serve them with the tastiest dishes and the best wines.

In recent years, Moldova has become a very attractive destination for foreign tourists. We have a lot of wineries and restaurants in the country that are ready to receive them at the highest level, giving them the opportunity to try our traditional dishes and tasty wines, which bring us fame to the world. Chateau Vartely Winery, Mircești Winery, Chateau Cojusna, Migdal-P, Château Purcari, Et Cetera and others. have become true emblematic landmarks for tourists. And wine events such as the Wine Opening and Moldova Wine Day gather thousands of visitors from all over the world every year. Especially since our wines are associated with famous traditional dishes, such as juice, polenta stew, sarmales or pies.

In an article published on Decanter, you can learn more about the wine-gastronomic diversity of our country:


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