This year at the “DeVin & DeGust” festival, more than 25 wineries with wines from Protected Geographical Indication areas, renowned for their impeccable quality and the specific characteristics of each area, await you. Lovers of good wines will have the opportunity to taste them all.

We are waiting for you on June 3-4 on the Eugen Doga pedestrian street in Chisinau.

Save the date and see you there!

Welcome to Wine of Moldova

The vineyards in these lands have been cultivated over the centuries by hard work and dedication. Wine has become Moldova’s emblem and represents its growth and success. Wine of Moldova is the national brand of the wine industry in Moldova and is promoted by the National Vine and Wine Office (ONVV).

Moldovan Wineries

Moldovan wineries are the ideal place for tasting the best Moldovan wines.

Wine Regions

There are 4 wine regions, these wine regions are Codru, Ștefan Vodă, Valul lui Traian and Divin.

Grape Varieties

Moldovan wines have a leading role in the country’s history. Dating from 5000 BC

Wine tourism in Moldova

People make wine tourism in Moldova special. A tourist in the Republic of Moldova will meet genuine, warm and friendly people, and whenever such encounters happen, they offer the visitor the opportunity to enjoy the traditional food of Moldova.

Delicious local Moldovan food.

Wine tasting tours.

Wine experiences in Moldova include the famous underground wineries “Cricova” and “Milestii Mici”, the latter of which is included in the Guinness Book of Records for the largest collection of wines in the world.


The National Vine and Wine Office and the Embassy of the Republic of Moldova in Ireland will host an event to promote Moldovan wines in Dublin
The 19th edition of the Wine Opening is already tomorrow
Only 4 days left until the most anticipated event


Events of the year

National Wine Day 2022 Aftermovie

Let’s remember the beautiful emotions and quality wines presented during the emblematic event.

RO Wine – International Wine Festival of Romania

Moldavian wine appreciated at the highest level by the visitors of the event RO – Wine International Wine Festival of Romania.

Wine Registry

Wine plantations

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