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What to Do in Moldova

Are you planning a trip and wondering what to do in Moldova? No trip to Moldova is complete without a visit to one of its famous wineries. Whether you are looking for a small family-run winery experience, a Guinness book of records cellar adventure or a luxurious chateaux style experience, Moldova has it all. We have selected a few wineries for you to explore below.


Close to Chisinau, Cricova winery is famous for its huge labyrinth of underground cellars stretching 120 kilometres and its incredible tasting halls with different themes such as the ‘Sea Bottom’.

Milestii Mici

Stretching for 250 km, of which only 120 km are currently in use, Milestii Mici’s cellar complex is the largest in the world. In 2007 Milestii Mici wine cellars were noted in the Guinness World Records 2007 Yearbook for having the largest (2 million) wine collection in the world.

Castel Mimi

Castel Mimi is the only chateau in Moldova that was voted one of the most beautiful win-eries in the world. It was built in 1893 by Constantin Mimi and includes gardens and ter-races, areas for picnics, cooking master-classes and frequently hosts concerts, perfor-mances, and open-air dinners. Mimi also has a world class hotel, outdoor swimming pool and a restaurant.


Located in the capital city of the Republic of Moldova, ATU is known as the first urban winery in the country. The concept of the winery is to offer something more than wine, more than passion. In its continuous creative ascent, ATU dedicates its activities to those who want to enjoy wine in a special way.


A family winery founded in 1994, Asconi remains a family-owned business to this day. The winery also has 12 rustic cottages with a total of 20 rooms and a traditional restaurant with reinvented family recipes, offering guests authentic tastes.


For over 15 years, Gogu Winery has been a story of love and passion for wine. Located in the Căușeni town, the winery was born from a great desire to create quality products with expressive accents of the local terroir. Today, apart from the production unit, the Gogu family’s yard also houses a tasting room. Visitors can tour the cellar where the wine barrels are kept and enjoy the Gogu Winery’s wines paired with traditional food.

Crama Mircesti

Crama Mircesti is a one-of-a-kind winery in the Republic of Moldova. Distinguished by a picturesque breath-taking view, this region is also called “Little Tuscany of Moldova”. Its vineyards stretch on the Măgurii hills, within a unique region, suitable for the production of exceptional wines. Crama Mircești also offers accommodation in a guesthouse filled with history, and a restaurant with traditional cuisine.


Located near the Ulmu village in the middle of a wonderful meadow and surrounded by the most beautiful secular forests of Codru, Poiana Winery offers picturesque views. Here, wine lovers can spend the night and enjoy traditional Moldovan dishes served in a modern twist manner.

Chateau Vartely

Château Vartely is considered a pearl of the Moldovan wine industry and the calling card of the Republic of Moldova. Over 100,000 local and foreign tourists have visited and appreciated this place since its foundation. Situated on a hill near the Orhei town, Château Vartely offers a stunningly beautiful view and outstanding architecture. Guests can enjoy delicious meals in the restaurant, spend the night in of the 3 tourist villas on-site, and choose a bottle from the wine collection for tasting in one of the two tasting rooms.

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