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Divin GPI

The geographical area delimited for the production of wine spirits with Protected Geo-graphical Indication extends over the entire area of the Republic of Moldova.

The territory of the region falls within the continental zone located within the Carpathian plateaus in the North and including the Codru Forest area in the Centre and the Bugeac steppes in the South. It is this special geographical environment that ensures the exclusive quality, reputation, and distinctive organoleptic characteristics of the Divin.


150 – 250 m. above the sea level

Sunny days a year

300 – 320

Rainfall, annual average

550 – 700 mm. at the North and Centre, 400 – 450 mm. at the South

Sum of active temperatures

2900 – 3100 °C


The climate of this delimited area ensures optimal conditions for grape ripening, with 2100 - 2200 insolation hours during the year and an average annual 10 - 12° C temperature, the sum of active temperatures making 2900 - 3100° C.

Despite the continental location of the Republic of Moldova, the climate is influenced and often modified by the Carpathian Mountains and the Black Sea.

The quality and the health of the grapes is influenced by the presence of water, namely of the Dniester and Prut rivers, along with a large number of streams, tributaries, and ponds. In their turn, the spontaneous vegetation (especially, forests and strips of planted trees) and the landscape act as a buffer against the extremes and, respectively, cause a significant impact on the vineyards.


The landscape is strongly fragmented representing a characteristic steppe for the South of Moldova and a network of valleys, small valleys, ravines, and multiple cliffs characteristic of Moldova’s Central and Northern region.

The landscape and climate of the area are influenced by the Prut and Dniester rivers.

Characteristic for this region, located between the 260 37” meridians in the West and the 290 59” meridian in the East, between the parallels 480 29” at the North and 450 28” at the South, is a sloppy landscape towards the Black Sea from North-West (250 - 300 m average height) to the South-East (100 - 150 m height).


Within the region delimited for the Divin production there is a wide diversity of soil, including grey, brown, common black soils (chernozems), typical, tin, cambic, well aerated and light in their majority in the North and Centre and heavier and richer in the East and South.

The typical character of wine spirits with Divin PGI

Divin PGI wine spirits are obtained from wine material from European and local vine varieties, grown in the Republic of Moldova, produced at traditional distillation facilities and aged for at least 3 years in contact with oak wood.

Divine PGI wine spirits have a pleasant, glossy appearance, with no suspended particles and with no sediment, its colour varying from light golden to amber, depending on the degree of maturation. In the first years of aging, it has got an impressive bouquet: flowers hints, fruits, and others. By aging there are shades of vanilla, chocolate, balsam, aromatic wood, coconut, and coffee beans.

Depending on the quality and aging duration of the distillates, the wine spirits with Divine PGI can belong to the following categories:

  • V.S. (Very Special) - 3 years minimum aging term
  • V.S.O.P. (Very Super Old Pale) - 5 years minimum aging term
  • X.O. (Extra Old) – 7 years minimum aging term
  • X.X.O. (Extra Extra Old) - 20 years minimum aging term

Wineries in the Divin PGI region


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