National legislation

Vine and wine law no. 57-XVI from 10.03.2006

Law no. 1001 of 30 June 2000 on the manufacture and circulation of ethyl alcohol and alcoholic production

Law no. 66 of 27.03.2008 on the protection of geographical indications, designations of origin and traditional specialties guaranteed

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Law no. 39 of 29.02.2008 on the protection of plant varieties

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Water Law no. 272 ​​of December 23, 2011

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Law no. 119 of 22.06.2004 on phytosanitary products and fertilizers

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Law no. 101 of 12.06.2014 for the approval of national symbols associated with protected geographical indications, protected designations of origin and guaranteed traditional specialties

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Law on trademark protection no. 38-XVI adopted on 29.02.2008, in force since 06.09.2008

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Law no. 235 of 01.12.2011 on accreditation and conformity assessment activities

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Normative acts of the ONVV

Order no. 01 of 10-01-2017 regarding the approval of the Regulation on the manner of granting the non-exclusive license for the use of registered trademarks „VINUL MOLDOVEI O LEGENDĂ VIE”, „ВИНО МОЛДОВЫ ЖИВАЯ ЛЕГЕНДА”, „WINE OF MOLDOVA A LEGEND ALIVE” and of the figurative mark with no. registration number 26104 of 18.09.2014

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Order no. 04 of 21 December 2015 on the approval of the forms of documents for the registration of grape producers intended for the manufacture of wine products with PDO and / or PGI and producers of wine products with PDO and / or PGI, as well as the forms of documents related to the registration

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Order no. 05 of December 21, 2015 on the approval of the procedure for verifying compliance with the specifications and the form of the act of verification of compliance with the specifications

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Order no. 19 of December 2, 2016 Regulation for the implementation of the automated information system regarding the registration and authorization of tasters, as well as their rotation within the tasting commissions

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European legislation referring to the areas of viticulture and alcohol

Normative acts of MADRM

Normative acts of the Government of the Republic of Moldova

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