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Moldovan wines in the Netherlands

Even after a month from the event dedicated to Moldovan Wine in Amsterdam, materials dedicated to it continue to appear in the Dutch press, a fact that can only make us happy, such as the article "Moldova wine country, a special country of wines", written by Jon Peter van den Oever for Anne-Wies.nl.

(source: https://www.anne-wies.nl/wijnland-moldavie-een-bijzonder…/).

The Masterclass dedicated to Moldovan Wine and presented by Cees van Casteren, Master of Wine in the Netherlands, consultant, writer, teacher and freelance journalist and organized by the PitchPR agency took place at the Maurits Hotel, Amsterdam.

This session and presentation of Moldovan wines is a new stage in the discovery and affirmation of their quality and potential for Dutch wine experts and lovers.

Cees van Casteren, the facilitator of the masterclass, is a consultant in various winemaking initiatives, both in the Netherlands and abroad, including in the Republic of Moldova. The presentation emphasized the capabilities and rich wine culture of our country, discussing several topics about the "wine country - Moldova", including the location, the landscape, the importance of the wine sector in the export sector of the country, the history of wine, the transition from the old Soviet customs to contemporary good practices and the tourism potential of the region.

The event culminated with a lunch accompanied by the tasting of several quality wines from Moldova.

The partnership between Vinul Moldovei, PitchPR and Cees van Casteren MV represents an important opportunity and initiative for the promotion of Moldovan wines abroad.

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