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Moldova’s wine revolution

The history of viticulture in Moldova began millennia ago.

In recent years, Moldovan wines have brought a real revolution to the market, being increasingly appreciated and sought after internationally.

In 2022, a wine from Moldova was named the best red wine in the world at the "Concours Mondial de Bruxelles".

In 2013, a structural reform of the sector established new and transformational standards for wine quality and regulation. More and more winemakers have begun combining historic native varieties with modern winemaking practices to produce high-quality wines with authentic and unique character.

The effort has been rewarded with more than 6000 medals won in prestigious international competitions in the last five years. These successes are a testimony to the work and vision of our winemakers, who have transformed the Republic of Moldova into a fascinating wine destination.

The Decanter publication analyzes the success, but also the challenges that Moldovan winemakers have faced on their way to fame.

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