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National Conference – The Particularities of the 2023 Harvest

On August 25, the National Office of Vine and Wine is organizing the National Conference - The Particularities of the Harvest, an event dedicated to the grape harvest of the 2023 season. During this conference, speeches and interactive sessions will be held by leading participants from the wine and agricultural industry.

Starting at 10:30 a.m., attendees will be able to register and receive informational materials and conference kits. At the opening of the event, prestigious personalities from the field will speak, such as the interim director of ONVV Elizaveta Breahnă, the Minister of Agriculture and Food Industry Vladimir Bolea, the EU ambassador in the Republic of Moldova Janis Mazeiks, the MAIA representative Adrian Digolean and others.

During the conference, the topics addressed will include the viticultural situation and the particularities of grape processing in the 2023 season, discussed by Elizaveta Breahnă, the interim director of ONVV. Also, Adrian Digolean, Secretary of State responsible for the wine sector within the MAIA, will present the current state and prospects of this sector.

Angela Căpatină, manager of the wine industry and marketing within the USAID Rural Competitiveness and Resilience Project (PCRR), will reveal the opportunities to support the wine sector from the PCRR and USAID. Diana Coșalîc, deputy director of AIPA, will discuss the subsidy strategies for the wine sector in the years 2023-2026.

In addition, the role of state control in ensuring the quality and safety of wine products will be analyzed, presented by Sergiu Mazureac, head of the Directorate for the Control of Safety and Quality of Wine Products, Ethyl Alcohol, Beer and Alcoholic Products within ANSA. Also, the importance of registering wine plots in the Wine Register, as well as the particularities of the 2022-2023 wine year, including meteorological conditions and phenology, will be discussed, under the guidance of Ștefan Iamandi and Vladimir Corobca, viticulture coordinator at ONVV.

The event will end with a workshop led by the interim director of ONVV, Elizaveta Breahnă, where the participants will learn the techniques for evaluating the maturity of the grapes and tasting the grapes, developing their expertise in this field.

Come to the conference at Digital Park or watch the event live on the ONVV Facebook page and YouTube channel.

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