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#Revincudrag: Plan your route and visits to the country’s wineries! ONVV offers you the first Wine Tourism Guide of Moldova

We hope that soon we will be able to take off and say “ReVin cu drag” (“Happy ReWINEds”) every time we discover the country’s wines, but also the destinations where they are grown, created, carefully preserved and offered to dearest guests: underground wine galleries, cellars that house famous wine collections, wine chateaux, family wineries, local restaurants with traditional and reinterpreted cuisine. But until then we can already plan in detail each of our future adventures, matched with sensory experiences.

We have hundreds of reasons to follow the #Revincudrag call and visit the beloved wineries that have brought us worldwide fame. And in order for the returns to be full of beautiful impressions and emotions, the routes – more colorful, and the planning – more effective, the National Office for Vine and Wine (ONVV) launches the first Wine Tourism Guide of Moldova.

The guide is part of an extensive information campaign about the wine tourism potential of the country and about the wine destinations, with the “ReVin cu drag” slogan, which will be carried out during the summer season. Accompanied by the #Revincudrag dedicated hashtag, the campaign aims to popularize wine tourism nationwide, to attract to the wine cellars and wineries that offer tourist services as many visitors as possible. Thus, in the next period, the potential visitors will find out details about the country’s wineries, about the small family wine businesses, but also about the wine cellars that are going to open their doors this year.

The initiative of the National Office for Vine and Wine takes place in the context in which, due to the ever-increasing quality of Wine of Moldova, dedicated events and centuries-old winemaking traditions, the wine sector has managed to place our country on the world’s tourist map. At the same time, being the largest generator of jobs in rural areas, the industry has been hit hard by the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Gheorghe Arpentin, Director, National Office for Vine and Wine: “The National Office for Vine and Wine is a promoter of Moldova as an important destination for wine tourism, and popularizes our wine tourism hospitality, both locally and internationally. In the context of the pandemic, which affects the global wine community, we must unify our efforts to convey even more clearly the message that our country offers not only quality wines, but also unique authentic wine tourism experiences. The ‘ReVin cu drag’ campaign aims to make the wineries from all over the country their touristic offers, but also the wines they produce – known to the world. Thus, we aim to increase the number of local tourists, especially in the summer, when more and more people will want to travel safely, discover new places and get to know the Wine of Moldova. We anticipated the needs of tourists and launched the first Wine Tourism Guide of Moldova – a detailed map of wineries in the country, which includes useful information and advice for those who are already making plans to travel in Moldova.”

The Wine Tourism Guide includes the description, history, offers and travel packages of wineries in the country. Moreover, here you can find the access maps to the wine cellars, the route distances, but also the estimated time needed to reach the destination. Developed in the form of a travel book, the guide is available online, free of charge, on the Wine of Moldova Facebook page starting May 14th and can be downloaded to mobile devices for the users’ convenience.

Start your tourist discoveries now! Browse the Wine Tourism Guide of Moldova, travel virtually to all wineries, find out their legends, know the tourist offer, and when the pandemic period ends, follow the #Revincudrag call and have many Happy ReWINEds!

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