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The wine of Moldova has reached the famous publication Decanter, where several articles have appeared about the advantages of the wine industry in Moldova.

One of them is dedicated to the climatic advantages of this region.

Moldova has a long history of vine cultivation.

In recent years, Moldovei Wine has experienced extraordinary success abroad. Practically, our wine has become one of the ambassadors of the country, being increasingly appreciated by both consumers and oenology specialists. Moreover, every year Moldovan wines bring home a record number of medals from the biggest wine competitions.

In a publication published in the prestigious Decanter, we can find out what is behind this success, and one of the important factors is resilience, an essential characteristic influenced by several factors.

Our mild climate and clear days, accompanied by cool nights, give the grapes a perfect growing period and the opportunity to develop unique flavors and characteristics. The fertile soils of Moldova, rich in minerals and nutrients, provide a favorable environment for the development of vines. Also, the balanced biodiversity of our country contributes to the health and stability of the viticultural ecosystem.

The characteristics of this region are perfect for viticulture, and that's what makes our wines so special.

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