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Today, July 10, in Amsterdam Wine of Moldova organizes a promotion event, dedicated to a select audience of sommeliers and restaurateurs eager to discover the Wines of Moldova!

The event is part of ONVV's Marketing Plan 2023 and the promotional actions planned for the new strategic markets, Holland and Denmark.

More than 50 sommeliers and restaurateurs are present at the event, who taste and comment on 12 types of quality wine from 12 domestic producers.

The masterclass is moderated by Cees van Casteren, Master of Wine and organized with the support of the Dutch marketing agency PITCH.

During the current month of July, more than 750 importers & distributors, influencers, journalists will receive samples of Moldovan wine with the aim of increasing the notoriety of Moldovan wine and completing and expanding the list of wines on the Dutch market, later on the Danish one.

Stay tuned!

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