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Wine of Moldova – Celebrating a Big Step in European Integration.

We are excited about this great news for the entire country and the wine industry.

This achievement comes to fortify the continuous work and passion with which we dedicated ourselves to the promotion of Moldovan Wine in the European Union

In recent years, wine exports to the EU have grown impressively, reaching over 70%. This upward trend is not only a symbol of the quality of our wines, but also a clear sign of our dedication to European integration.

We are proud that wine is also the country's ambassador and that through the work of our winemakers, we contribute to increasing the international recognition of our country. We continue to be dedicated to promoting quality, innovation and sustainability in everything we do.

Thank you to all our partners, customers and wine lovers who have supported us on this extraordinary journey. Together, we are writing a new bright chapter in the history of Moldovan wine!

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