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Alianta Vin Winery

Alianţa-Vin” is a limited liability joint venture founded in 1994 as a grape processing, wine production and bottling company.

The constant high quality of our production is guaranteed by the use of elite grape varieties and by the processing performed by modern equipment supplied by the main European producers. The fermentation, treatment and subsequent storage of wine are carried out in line with the most advanced methods and, at the same time, with respect to ancestral traditions. Additionally, pursuing the aim to comply with international quality standards, “Alianţa-Vin” limited liability joint venture holds the international certificate of food safety management system, ISO 22000: 2005. Our company has created a unique collection of high-quality wines, dry and semi-dry, semi-sweet and sweet, liqueur wines and sparkling wines, especially for those with fine taste in wines and that follow the trends. The wines of Alianţa-Vin” limited liability joint venture is exported to more than 17 countries around the world and have achieved worldwide recognition.



Merlot Cabernet - Sauvignon Muscat de Hamburg"

This is an unusual blend, considered a challenge of enjoying the traditional fruit aroma of Merlot and of Cabernet-Sauvignon varieties along with the freshness of fine Muscat. It is characterised by a ruby-red colour, a sweet fruit aroma with fine Muscat hues and ele-gant, fruity taste.

Fetească Albă - Muscat

This is an elegant, refreshing blend. The unusual palette of flavour is obtained from the combination of two different grape varieties - Fetească Albă and Muscat. Its delightful flavour captures the warmth of the sun, the richness of the vineyards and the kindness of people. It has got a light straw colour with shades of green, a wildflower aroma with fine nuances of Muscat and a pleasant flavour with light Muscat nuances.

Chardonnay - Riesling

This blend represents a perfect combination of aromas and an expressive balanced taste, in which the fullness of tropical fruits and the freshness of wildflowers prevail. Its natural aroma and the harmony of taste will impress you.. It has got a light straw colour with shades of green, an aroma of fruits and wildflowers, a harmonious taste, slightly spicy and persistent.


Address: 38 Orheiului str., Strășeni city, 3701, Republic of Moldova,

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