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Aroma Distillery

“Aroma” joint-stock company is specialised in the production, bottling and marketing of alcoholic beverages, mainly Divin, and has got over 120 years of experience in the field of winemaking.

The range of products of AROMA includes over 30 brand names, including well-known brands such as: Belîi Aist, Barza Neagră, Moldova, Chişinău - that apart from having become the emblem of the company are also perceived as an emblem of the Republic Moldova. Aroma joint-stock company produces Divins aged from 3 to 60 years, as well as other beverages such as: balsams, cider brandy, apple brandy, whiskey, and liqueur.

Aroma products have been awarded numerous distinctions over the years, among them 10 Grand Prix and over 35 gold and silver medals, obtained at the most prestigious international competitions, a fact which confirms the high quality. Beverages produced ac-cording to classical technologies combine modern achievements with winemaking traditions and can be ranked alongside the most famous drinks in the world.



Divin "Moldova"

This is considered a veteran of the divin brands, its production dates back to 1957. Divin “Moldova” is produced from distillates for Divins, aged 7 years. It is distinguished for its soft taste and its floral aroma, a bouquet composed of aging nuances. In 1967, at the international competition in Montreal (Canada), “Moldova” Divin was qualified (within its category) as being the most successful aged oak wine distillate in the world and was awarded the GRAND gold medal.

Category: XO. Alcohol: 40% vol.

Divin "Chişinău"

The production of the divin Chişinău dates back to 1960. This is a noble divin, of an extraordinary quality, produced from distillates for divins, aged 10 years. It has got a harmonious taste and a complex bouquet with resin and enanthic nuances.

Category: XO. Alcohol: 40% vol.

Divin "Aroma"

Divin of a premium limited collection. It is considered a noble drink, with an impressive colour and bouquet with intense nuances of aging and an inviting aroma. Its special taste with a unique flavour, gives this divin an outstanding originality.

Category: XO. Age: 60 years. Alcohol: 40% vol.


Address: 38 Toma Ciorbă str., Chişinău, MD-2004, Republic of Moldova,

Tel: +373 22200651

+373 69344306 (marketing), 

+373 79996505 (wine tourism)

E-mail: office@aroma.mdvasile.bilici@mail.ru (marketing), marianzaharia67@mail.ru (wine tourism)

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