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Basavin Winery

Founded in 1913, the Basavin Winery produces wines of a highest quality, based on the rich terroir, characteristic for the southern region of the country.

The wines have been appreciated at different wine competitions where they obtained numerous national and international medals. The Via Veliu vineyard is the basic source of the grapes. It is located in the Ștefan Vodă area, which is a protected geographical indication region, famous for the production of the most popular wines such as Rara Neagră, Fetească Neagră, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon blanc and Rosés.

The company owns about 200 hectares of vineyards where quality control is carried out throughout the production cycle. Mr. Valeriu Dragnev took over the leadership of the Basavin Winery in 1996 and brought with him the vision of creating a product able to align with top international wines. Basavin Winery has a firm conviction that wines should represent their local origin, be a product of the soil and the climate, and most importantly, of a cultivation with care. The winery’s motto is “ensure the balance of new technologies with the winemaking traditions”.

The Basavin Winery offers a beautiful wine tasting experience which takes place in a warm atmosphere in the company of food offered by local wine growers and farmers. Here, one also has the unique opportunity to taste wines outdoors, enjoying the special view of the vineyards that stretch up to the horizon line. The special wines, in combination with the hospitality and the qualitative level of organisation of the events, have suceeded in transforming certain visitors into loyal guests of the Basavin Winery.



Wine "Trei Fete"

This is a blended wine from Feteasca Albă, Feteasca Regală and Feteasca Neagră grapes. It has a noble and fresh taste with a fragrance of the flowering vine scent.

Wine "Optimist"

This is a special blended wine from Feteasca Neagră, Rară Neagră and Shiraz varieties. It is a wine with ruby nuances, a velvety texture and is characterised by currant and blackberry sensations.

Wine "Marsala"

This is a high quality, fortified white wine, aged in oak barrels. It has resin and rum aromas. The taste is reminiscent of honey, roasted walnuts, and rye breadcrumbs.


Address: 205 Karl Marx str, Basarabeasca district, Republic of Moldova

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