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Cricova Winery

Cricova is a unique underground complex which is renowned all over the world for its huge labyrinths and excellent wines.

Characteristic of the Cricova winery is a continuous trend of innovation. The company operates with the most sophisticated winemaking technologies, the art of producing a wide diversity of wines and satisfies the most refined tastes and market demands. The Cricova brand is a valuable brand of the Republic of Moldova, well known far beyond its borders.



Wine "Amplius"

AMPLIUS is a noble and elegant wine, manually obtained from selected Merlot grapes, harvested in the over-ripening phase.

Wine "Cuvée Prestige"

CUVÉE PRESTIGE is vinified according to the classic French method, by secondary fermentation in the bottle and with subsequent cuvée maturation over at least 3 years.

Wine "Rose de Cricova"

ROSE DE CRICOVA - is an elegant and fine blend, with a slightly almond hint and velvety finish.

Information for Tourists

  • Reservation required: Yes
  • Open hours (Monday - Friday): 09:00 - 21:00
  • Open hours (Saturday - Sunday): 10:00 - 16:00
  • Period: All year round
  • Spoken languages: Romanian, Russian, English


  • Wine tasting
  • Wine and Souvenir Shop
  • Weddings, Corporate Events and Conferences
  • Restaurant
  • During the Wine Days Celebration - Special Program

Sightseeing places in the area

  • Chișinău


Adress: Republica Moldova, MD-2084, or. Chișinău, str. Ungureanu 1

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