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Bardar Distillery

The famous Moldovan distillery, Bardar, celebrated its 90th anniversary in 2019.

Bardar is a symbol of the tradition that began in 1929, when a German entrepreneur named Muller laid the foundations of a small distillery which is today the Bardar Distillery. This small distillery with big potential gave birth to an enterprise which benefitted from the heat of the sun, the rich and well-kept vineyards, the secular oak wood and al-so the skilfulness of the employees and created an absolute harmony for the production of the quality Divins.

At present, the Bardar Distillery is among the TOP 3 Divin producers of the Republic of Moldova. The ingredients of the Divin have not changed since its creation. The bouquet comes from grapes, offered by nature, harvested, and selected with dedication. The essence comes from the oak, which grows in the secular forests of the Republic of Moldova. Complexity comes from patience, which is a human virtue and requires time and dedication. “Solely grapes, oak and patience” are the necessary ingredients for the pro-duction of Bardar Divin, thus, making it an exclusive and authentic wine distillate.



Divin Bardar (7 years)

It is produced out of distillates for the Divin aged for 7 years, during which time an amber colour and a special aroma with chocolate nuances are obtained.

Divin Bardar (12 years)

This is an old Divin, produced out of distillates that are at least 12 years old. The Divin Bardar reveals a rich bouquet of sunflower and chocolate cake.

Divin Bardar (20 years)

This is a very old Divin, aged in oak barrels for at least 20 years. It has a bouquet with nuances of coffee and resin. It is distinguished by a velvety taste, with soft chocolate nuances


Address: 3 Uzinelor str., Bardar village, Ialoveni district, MD-6811, Republic of Moldova

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