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Et Cetera Winery

Et Cetera is a family adventure which turned into a winery owned by two brothers.

The story of the winery began in 2002, when Alexandru Luchianov, one of the brothers, bought fields in the South of the country now housing the vineyards, a restaurant, and a small hotel. Love and care are paramount for maintaining the well-being of a family, and this approach was also the guarantee of the success of "Et Cetera".

Each stage of the wine production is carefully supervised by the family members: starting from the cultivation of grapes by organic methods, fermentation, and maturation in oak barrels, up to the stage when the final product is offered to the guests of the winery. The winery is equipped with modern winemaking technologies and uses production methods verified over the years. In this way "Et Cetera" obtains wines renowned for their unique fla-vours and taste, and by doing this it contributes to the development of the wine con-sumption culture in our country.



Wine "Aeroplane Carmenere 2017"

This is a special and sensational wine of a dark ruby colour. The aromatic complexity, with nuances of spices: black pepper, green pepper, and cardamom are in perfect harmony with the aromas of carnation and forest berries. It is elegantly enriched by a full and velvety taste.

Wine "Cuvee Blanc 2017 Premium"

This is a blend of 4 grape varieties, fermented for 6 months in oak barrels. It is a fresh and balanced wine of a light golden shade, notes of pear, pomelo, white cherries, and vanilla. The special finesse of the wine comes from the mixture of its pleasant white fruit accents and oak hues.

Wine "Merlot 2014 Premium"

A 2014 vintage, the legendary Merlot reinvented itself, now being aged for 18 months in oak barrels. It has an intense ruby-red colour with brick reflections. Its aromatic imprint consists of dried sour-cherry scents, sour-cherry kernels, followed by nuances of dark chocolate and truffles. The soft and fruity taste is supplemented by discreet hues of maturation, extracted from the oak barrel wood, and the aftertaste is pleasant and long.

Tourist information

  • Reservation required: Yes
  • Open hours (Monday - Sunday) - Guided Tastings: 10:00 - 18:00
  • Open hours (Monday - Sunday) - Restaurant: 10:00 - 22:00
  • Period: All year round
  • Spoken languages: Romanian, Russian, English


  • Guided Tours and Wine Tastings
  • Wine and Souvenir Shop
  • Weddings, Corporate Events and Conferences
  • Restaurant
  • Lunch and Dinner
  • Accommodation (a hotel with 6 modern and comfortable rooms)
  • Playground for Children
  • Terrace and Picnic Area
  • Swimming Pool

Sightseeing places in the area

  • Chișinău
  • Dniester River
  • Monasteries in the Black Sea region
  • Odessa (Ukraine)


Adress: Crocmaz village, Ștefan Vodă district, Republic of Moldova

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