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Gitana Winery

The Gitana Winery was founded in 1999 based on an older winery founded in 1953, which became the property of the Dulgher family. The latter undertook major efforts to re-equip the factory, renovate the cellars, equip them with barrels and oak vats and, of course, planted new vineyards.

The vineyards owned by Gitana are part of the Valul lui Traian winegrowing region, the total area of the winery sums to 390 ha. Gitana Winery is in a constant process of expanding its vineyards, giving much importance to the cultivation of local grape varieties. Gitana vineyards are located in the area of two villages of the Leova district and are divided into three areas. One area is in the Filipeni village, and the other two are the Romanovca village.

In the winemaking process of white wines, after the grapes destemming and crushing, winery uses cryomaceration. The cryomaceration technique allows the extraction of the maximum amount of flavour substances found in the inner part of the grape skin, without negatively influencing the quality of white wine. The obtained must is cooled to 5-8 ° C for a period of time ranging from 10 to 24 hours. The maturation of white wine takes place in stainless steel vessels or in 225 litre barrels. Characteristic of red wines is a maceration-fermentation process on top of the must. Fermentation takes place in oak tubs, solely with the help of local yeasts. The process takes about 20 days, during which time the must is in contact with the grape mark and takes over the necessary tannins, the aromas, and the necessary dyes.



Wine "Lupi"

This is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Saperavi and Merlot produced from the 2016 vintage. It is a dry red wine with an intense, rich bouquet and with aromas of blackberries and fruits, followed by nuances of chocolate.

Wine "Saperavi"

A dry red wine, from the 2017 vintage, with red fruit flavour. It has an intense and complex taste, with nuances of cream, resulting from malolactic fermentation in clay.

Wine "Manastirea Rorbach Cru"

This is a dry white wine, from the 2017 vintage. It has an aroma of honey, peach, orange peel and wildflowers. It is characterised by intense acidity and mineral content and has a mineral-iodized aftertaste.


Address: Plopi village, Cantemir district, Republic of Moldova

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