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The Ganea Vineyards winery was founded in 1865 and in those times was named after its founder August Bauer, who was from Germany.

August and his sons settled in Bessarabia and invested all their family capital into grape cultivation and wine production. The family emigrated after the First World War and later the winery had several owners. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the winery was completely abandoned. In 2015, the Ganea family decided to restore and develop the family winemaking traditions. Thus, the winery was reborn. At present, the Ganea Vineyards have become known worldwide through the Land of Bessarabia wine brand, recognised by the Michelin Guide.



Wines "Barrique"

Barrel wines (or barrique) aged for at least 12 months in oak barrels.

Wines "Late Harvest"

Late harvest wines, grapes harvested by hand at the end of November.

Wines "Original"

The original taste of terroir.


Address: Răscăieții Noi village, Ștefan Vodă district, Republic of Moldova

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