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Ialoveni Winery

Vinuri Ialoveni JSC is a winemaking company well known in the Republic of Moldova and abroad, for its famous brand of pelicular wines of Ialoveni (Sherry).

The history of the factory dates back to 1857, when Murzin's cellars were built for wine production. In those times, after the annexation of Basarabia in 1812 by the Russian Empire, the Murzin’s Cellars, located on the current territory of the factory, became the main supplier of wines in the region.

"Ialoveni" (Shery) is a delicate, unique production in the Republic of Moldova, which has gained its popularity and international fame for its unique taste and aroma. The company produces wines which show finesse and give the feeling of noblesse, refinement, and elegance.

Apart from pelicular wines, the company also produces Vermouth, aromatic wines, strong drinks, brandy and Divin. The collection, strong beverage "Akademos" is the pride of the company. This beverage is not just a drink, but a genuine lifestyle, with a lot of finesse, harmony, and expressiveness. This is also the style of the company, always ad-vocating for high quality and new victories.

The historical traditions of winemakers together with advanced modern technologies have contributed to obtaining high quality wines produced by JSC "Vinaria Ialoveni".

The over 150 Gold, Silver and 6 Grand Prix medals, obtained at prestigious national and international wine competitions, testify the quality of Vinaria Ialoveni” JSC production.



Ialoveni Sec, Ialoveni Tare

Ialoveni Sec has a pleasant aroma with a floral flavour and a well-formed, slightly spicy taste. Ialoveni Tare has a discreet aroma of fresh rye bread combined with roasted nuts.


The Akademos Buchet has an expressive, complex bouquet, a soft, harmonious, bitter-spicy taste, with nuances of fried nutmeg and dried fruit.

Ialoveni Desert

The Ialoveni Desert, reserve of 1990, has a fine bouquet, a harmonious velvety taste, with nuances of citrus, roasted nuts, and chocolate.


Address: 4 Alexandru cel Bun str., Ialoveni, 6801

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