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Kvint Distillery

The KVINT wine and Divins factory in Tiraspol is one of the largest producers of wines and wine distillates in the region.

The unique climate, the fertile soil, the hilly terrain, and the proximity of the Dniester Riv-er have created favourable conditions for growing the best grapes. Kvint produces high-est quality wines and Divins due to large area of own vineyards, modern equipment, ad-vanced technologies, original recipes, the observance of ancient traditions and the work of professionals.



Divin "Prince Wittgenstein" (50 years)

This Divin is produced according to a classic technology from Divin distillates matured in oak barrels for at least 50 years.

Divin "Kvint Surprise" (10 years)

This Divin was created in 1961. This is a fine, harmonious beverage, characterised by a subtle aroma of wildflowers and hues of resins and vanilla.

Wine "Viorica Vinvoyage"

The wine has a slightly sparkling golden colour and a whole symphony of floral bouquet, in which the aroma of geranium dominates.

Tourist information

  • Reservation required: Yes
  • Open hours (Monday - Friday): 08:15 - 17:15
  • Period: All year round
  • Spoken languages: Russian, English


  • Wine tasting
  • Wine and Souvenir Shop
  • Weddings, Corporate Events and Conferences
  • Lunch and Dinner

Sightseeing places in the area

  • Tighina Fortress
  • Nistru River
  • Chițcani Monastery
  • The statue of Lenin


Address: 38 Lenin str., Tiraspol city, MD-3300, Republic of Moldova

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