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Maurt Winery

The passion for wine in the Maurt family was passed down from father to son. The company was officially founded in 1996 and originally, it was a family business. The foundation of the state enterprise was laid by the founder Aurel Morar, the current CEO of the company.

The vineyards of the Maurt company have their roots in Nisporeni – a picturesque location surrounded by the Nîrnova brook, that flows into the Prut River, with hardworking people that have the tradition of making good wine in their blood. Here the vines have a special terroir, being stretched over sunny vineyards, and caressed by an ideal climate. Per total, the company has 25 hectares of its own vineyards.

The Maurt company owns a modern wine making factory in Nisporeni, in the protected geographical region of “Codru” and also a bottling plant in Chisinau. The annual production capacity of the company is 10 million bottles (still wines, sparkling wines, balsams, brandy, liqueurs, vodka, and other alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks).

Today Maurt is a family of 150 employees, and the company owns many famous brands, well-known far from the country’s borders, including Western Europe. One such brand is Bacio di Bolle, which translates from Italian as “the kiss of the bubbles”, something that can be fully found and enjoyed in every product in this category.



SKU - Bacio di Bolle Gold Edition

Bacio di Bolle Gold Edition is a noble sparkling wine complemented with food gold particles, containing a special blend of Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and Pinot Noir grapes.

SKU - Bacio di Bolle Grand Cuveé Brut

Bacio di Bolle Grand Cuveé Brut is an exceptional sparkling wine produced from the blend: Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and Pinot Noir, with a citrus aroma and floral nuances.

SKU - Bacio di Bolle Fragolino

Bacio di Bolle Fragolino is a fine sparkling wine produced from the blend of Riesling, Rkatsiteli and Merlot grapes. You will be enchanted by its invigorating taste.


Address: 36/2 Drumul Viilor str., Chișinău city, Republic of Moldova

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