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Mold-Nord Winery

Mold-Nord” JSC is a professional company engaged in the production and sales of alcoholic drinks.

The company produces a variety of wines, ordinary grape wines, fruit and berry wines, fruit distillates and grape spirits, non-alcoholic beverages, and low-alcohol wine.




These are natural fruit wines, made from plums, sour cherries, and apricots, according to classical technologies.


The Crideni Silver/Gold is a fruit triple distillate, which has absorbed the entire freshness and juiciness of Moldovan fruits.

Crideni Divin

This Divin is produced from a unique blend of distillates obtained from grapes of the Vitis Vinifera category. It has a pleasant, long aftertaste, harmonious and full of balance.


Address: 1 Ştefan cel Mare str., Făleşti city, Republic of Moldova

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