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Nectar S Winery

The company “NECTAR-S” was founded in 1996 and is one of the largest companies operating in the Republic of Moldova.

At present, their product range is represented by a wide variety of types of wines: dry, semi-dry, semi-sweet, fortified wines, dessert, and low alcohol wines. Nectar-S factory is equipped with a modern specialised laboratory, accredited for testing and quality control of wines.



Molded wine “Извар Классический – Глинтвейн”

This is a drink that can turn cold winter days into a holiday. This popular drink is made from hot wine and spices according to our special recipe.

Low alcohol wine drink “Багряная Вишня”

This drink is produced by a unique technology by mixing natural Vitis Vinifera grape and cherry wines.

Natural wine cocktail „Крюшон Абрикосовый”

It has a rich colour, a pure aroma, and an original and refined taste.


Address: 38/А Orheiului str., Străşeni district, Republic of Moldova

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