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Salcuta Winery

“Sălcuța” is a family winemaking business founded in 1995. It is located in the picturesque Sălcuța village, in Căușeni district, at the South-Eastern part of the Republic of Moldova, also called “the heart of Moldovan wines”.

The winery has an extensive portfolio of products, including individual variety wines, wines with Protected Geographical Indication, matured wines, and unique blends of wine from varieties selected by the winery’s winemakers. The local and international varieties, planted on an area of over 400 hectares of vineyards, start their way to the winery where the talent of winemakers and the use of innovative equipment perfectly correlate, to create special and unique wines. Sălcuța Winery is the place where, in addition to effort, attention and devotion, people follow a continuous path to perfection, learning either a unique formula of a blend or creating other unique wines for wine lovers everywhere.



Wine "Tămâioasa de Sălcuța"

This is a transparent rose wine, which exhibits aromas of rose petals and white cherries. They complement the taste with barberries nuances leading to an attractive freshness.

Wine "Pinot Noir 2017"

This is a wine with a bright red-ruby colour, revealing a multitude of aromatic reminiscences of red fruits, followed by vanilla and spices. It has an elegant and sophisticated finish.

Wine "Pinot Gris"

This is a representative product of the winery with a translucent straw-yellow colour. It has aromatic nuances of pear and lemon. The taste is balanced and round which is, reflected in a harmonious aftertaste.


Address: 3 Pavel Creangă str., Sălcuța village, Republic of Moldova,

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