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Romanesti Winery

In 1850, the Russian emperor Alexander I, based on a royal decree, established His Majesty’s Winery Romanesti, located in Codrii (the Woods) of Moldova. The winery was developed with the direct input of French winemakers.

In 1917 it became the property of the Basarabian dynasty winemaker, I.V. Cristi, who di-versified the assortment of grapes grown for wine production, along with those for pro-duction of Divins. Thus, in this largest and most technologically advanced company in the region, a section for Divin production was launched, according to the French cognac pro-duction technology. The vineyards of Romanesti estate are located in the central area of the Republic of Moldova, in the Codri forest. Romanesti micro zone is located at the same latitude as Burgundy. The geographical configuration of this micro zone is genuine-ly unique. The hills in the interfluvial space of Cogâlnic and Lunga rivers create a kind of a "cup" which is protected from cold winds. The climatic conditions and soils in this micro zone favour the production of dry red wines, white table wines and aged wines. It is difficult to predict the future, but producers still assume that memories of Romanesti wines’ taste with their harmony, special freshness and unique aroma will become popular and appreciated again, as they did in the times of the Russian Empire.

JSC "Romanesti" is certified according to the international quality assurance system ISO-22000: 2005.



Divin "Romanești"

A 7-year Romanesti divin is a noble drink, which deserves to be enjoyed in a distinguished atmosphere.

Wine "Alb de Romanești"

This is a dry white wine produced from Pinot Gris, Riesling and Traminer grapes. It is a wine with subtle aromas of honey and citrus, well balanced, with a pleasantly refined spicy taste.

Wine "Negru de Romanești"

This is a dry red wine obtained from classic Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Saperavi varieties. The wine has an elegant ruby colour with light nuances of cream.


Address: Romanești village, Strășeni district, Republic of Moldova

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