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Tomai Vinex

In 1997, the joint-stock company "TOMAI-VINEX" was founded in the village of Tomai. It became the right successor of the village’s wine processing facility.

While maintaining the experience of winemakers and grape producers, the new company has undertaken a process of complete technical and technological modernisation. New Italian wine production equipment was purchased, the rootstock sections for production of vine seedlings were renovated and vines were planted. A closed production cycle, along with the complete automation of the grape growing process, constant monitoring, favourable climatic conditions, fertile soil, and warm southern sun makes it possible for the company to process up to 10,000 tons of grapes. In the last twenty years, the export destinations of JSC "TOMAI-VINEX" has covered more than 20 countries around the world, from China and America to Africa and Europe.

1903 - 2020


Wine "Bugeac Gagauz Wine"

It has a dark red colour, an intense harmonious bouquet, and nuances of violet and solanaceous plants, with a full, soft taste and maturation tints.

Wine "Roșu de Tomai"

It has a dark red colour with an intense aroma typical for this variety, with nuances of sour cherries and strawberries and with a full, soft, and harmonious taste with maturation tints.

Wine "Tomai Reserve"

It has a dark red colour and a flamboyant, intense, persistent aroma with red fruits and spices. Its taste is full, soft, and velvety, in harmony with nuances of maturation.


Address: 1 Ferapontievskaia str., Comrat city, ATU Gagauzia, Republic of Moldova

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