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Vinum Winery

Vinum is a young brand with century-old historical roots.

The enterprise is a family business with a vast and long tradition in wine production. Its history started two centuries earlier in 1806 when ancestors of today’s owners due to a quirky fate moved from north-eastern Bulgaria to Southern Basarabia (former name of the Republic of Moldova). Since then, nine generations of the same family stayed close to the grapes. From father to son, they share their rich knowledge and experience in growing grapes and producing quality wine. The current generation of the family has over 20 years of experience in the field.

Vinum wines are individually produced, under strict supervision, at a mini winery in the centre of the Republic of Moldova. Manual harvesting along with minimum processing of grapes allow producers to bring and preserve their freshness, aroma, and taste, to be enjoyed by any connoisseur of quality wines.

After benefitting from years of experience in Moldovan winemaking in combination with modern international technologies, these wines represent the embodiment of fertile soils, people’s efforts and the soul inserted in each glass of wine.



VINUM estate

The wines of the VINUM estate series are fine wines with a strict appearance. Wines give deep taste experiences, awaken warm and fragrant memories and weaving tones of fresh emotions.

Selection Vladlen Uzhakov

This is a series of author-style wines, with their own personality, character, and identity. We create them to touch the most delicate notes of your soul.


Sparkling wine VINUM estate - is a refined wine, created according to the classic technology of the Champagne region, with maturation on yeast. Thanks to the painstaking work on taming bubbles, we have achieved fragrant, delicate sparkling drink that creates an impression of a holiday on any day.

Spumant Viu

VINUM Estate presents SPUMANT VIU, an exclusive wine with a history of over 500 years. The French monks called it Pétillant Naturel or PetNat for short. It appeared before the Classic Champagne. We revived the forgotten recipe and created a drink worthy of Kings and Queens.


Address: Sociteni str., Ialoveni district, Republic of Moldova

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