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We thank the Moldovan journalists Ana Bunescu, Nicoleta Negrescu, Laura Rînja, Vitalie Gutu and Nicolae Brumă who joined the #VINșiEU initiative. We also urge you, lovers of local wine, to tell us who is coming to the celebration of Moldovan wine in the Grand National Assembly Square on October 7 and 8 by posting with […]
Moldovan wine has become a true symbol and ambassador of our country, promoting on an international level the wine culture of Moldova and quality wine, created with passion and appreciation for the centuries-old traditions in the art of Bacchus liqueur production. On a global level, Moldovan Wine is achieving more and more successes, of which […]
During the visit of Mrs. Florence Maffrand, Head of Wines Partnerships and International Patronage, representative of the Cité du Vin museum in Bordeaux, France, we discussed the possibilities of promotion and partnership for winemakers from the Republic of Moldova. We enjoy the occasions when we host guests from abroad and we have the opportunity to […]
The history of viticulture in Moldova began millennia ago. In recent years, Moldovan wines have brought a real revolution to the market, being increasingly appreciated and sought after internationally. In 2022, a wine from Moldova was named the best red wine in the world at the "Concours Mondial de Bruxelles". In 2013, a structural reform […]
We happily thank everyone who joined our memorable event. Between September 16-17, Bucharest turned into the capital of wine, and the results are impressive: 60,000 enthusiastic participants. 75,000 tastings. 10,000 bottles of wine sold. 5,000 bottles of wine for tasting at the stands. 2,700 premium wine tastings in the VIP area. 200 members behind the […]
One of them is dedicated to the climatic advantages of this region. Moldova has a long history of vine cultivation. In recent years, Moldovei Wine has experienced extraordinary success abroad. Practically, our wine has become one of the ambassadors of the country, being increasingly appreciated by both consumers and oenology specialists. Moreover, every year Moldovan […]
The tradition of wines from across the Prut has also reached the Capital. Hundreds of people were impressed by Moldovan wineries! Was awesome! We thank the loyal visitors of Moldovan wine. Read the news here:
From creative workshops with renowned sommeliers to outdoor concerts, we have something for everyone! The event schedule and map are now available. The entry is free! But if you want a complete experience, go to www.vinulmoldoveifest.ro for more details about the available tasting packages!
The National Vine and Wine Office participated as a partner in the 8th edition of the Grape Festival, which took place on Sunday, in the city of Cimișlia. The Grape Festival brought together winegrowers from 11 districts, who presented the variety of grape varieties grown in their vineyards. During the event, a contest was also […]
On August 29, in the city of Copenhagen, the second event in the series dedicated to Moldovan wines in Denmark took place. Several importers and media representatives were present at the Marriott Hotel in Copenhagen, where they had the opportunity to enjoy the selection of Moldovan wines with our winemakers. The visitors had a special […]
Yesterday, August 28, an event dedicated to wines from Moldova took place in the city of Aarhus in Denmark. More than 30 importers explored our diverse range of wines with interest. A local expert revealed to us the secrets of the Danish market, and our compatriot Vasile Catan, owner of a wine bar in Copenhagen, […]
Even after a month from the event dedicated to Moldovan Wine in Amsterdam, materials dedicated to it continue to appear in the Dutch press, a fact that can only make us happy, such as the article "Moldova wine country, a special country of wines", written by Jon Peter van den Oever for Anne-Wies.nl. (source: https://www.anne-wies.nl/wijnland-moldavie-een-bijzonder…/). […]
This was the theme of another panel within the Wine & Tech Forum, moderated by Alexei Burciu, in which experts in this important field brought to the fore the REALITIES we face in this digital age and offered innovative solutions to bring Wine exports Moldova on the heights of success. It's been an explosion of […]
Today, the first edition of the "Wine&Tech Forum" took place, an event that gathered under its auspices specialists and industry leaders who presented innovative digital solutions for the development of the wine sector. More than 100 people passionate about the wine industry took part in the "Wine&Tech Forum", sharing their experience and knowledge with each […]
More than 250 wine samples from 40 wineries were presented to buyers, distributors, media and influencers with the aim of expanding export opportunities and educating Dutch wine consumers. Led by renowned Master of Wine Cees van Casteren, a fantastic masterclass and wine tasting session took place with 50 sommeliers and media representatives. In addition, a […]
More than 30 media representatives, print media, influencers and sommeliers participated in a lunch organized by Wine of Moldova and PITCH, where they associated Dutch dishes interpreted with Moldovan wines. The participants showed an increased interest in Moldovan wines and are open to new collaborations.
The event is part of ONVV's Marketing Plan 2023 and the promotional actions planned for the new strategic markets, Holland and Denmark. More than 50 sommeliers and restaurateurs are present at the event, who taste and comment on 12 types of quality wine from 12 domestic producers. The masterclass is moderated by Cees van Casteren, […]
Dozens of prizes and medals were handed today to the Embassy of the Republic of Moldova in Italy for the absolute success of Moldovan wines in the 21st edition of the "Città de Vino" International Oenological Competition, organized in Italy. Moldovan wines participated for the first time in the International Oenological Challenge "Città De Vino" […]
ASI – Association de la Sommellerie Internationale Partner news. Every year on Wine Day, Moldovan wineries take over the Great National Assembly Square, presenting the wide variety of our local wines and giving you the chance to meet the producers. Dozens of events will also take place at the country's wineries, offering you an engaging […]
The training program is designed for staff of wine authorities in EU and non-EU countries, with the aim of informing them about all aspects of European Union law in the field of control and traceability and to ensure that checks are carried out in a uniform manner , objective and satisfactory. The training was attended […]
10 of our wine producers proudly represented Moldova, presenting our wine heritage in front of over 100 international leaders of the sommelier profession. This is a remarkable stage in the successful decade of the "Vinul Moldovei" brand, where the quality of our wines has been reaffirmed internationally, thanks to the efforts of the producers, but […]
Wines from Moldova are increasingly in demand on the Romanian market. Recently, wineries in the country presented their products at the "Republica Moldova Presents" exhibition, which took place in Brașov, Romania. The participation of domestic wine producers was possible thanks to the support offered by the National Vine and Wine Office and the organizers of […]
An important part of the "DeVin & DeGust" Festival was the "Wine School", where wine experts offered masterclasses and practical information on tasting wines and appreciating their qualities. The guests also learned more about the wine-growing areas demarcated for the production of the wine with the Protected Geographical Indication "Codru", "Ștefan Vodă" and "Valul lui […]
In addition to a lot of quality socializing, great wines and tasting masterclasses from professionals in the field from the "Wine School", visitors were able to enjoy a wonderful musical performance. The rhythms of the ethno-folkloric ensembles and the songs of local artists who took the stage didn't let the guests sit still for long. […]
Exceptional PGI wines were tasted, gastronomic delights were enjoyed and knowledge and stories were shared. We were happy to be able to celebrate our rich wine culture and traditions in a warm atmosphere, like between friends. See how it was at the festival in the photos below.
The producers brought the most delicate and fragrant seasonal wines – white and rosé – to the opening, and the guests enjoyed fine and fresh drinks in an elegant event. We are happy to share just a few of the happy moments from the Spring Wine Opening. We are excited to meet again in this […]
International wine fair Wine Prague 2023 Go to the link below to see the original article.
We introduce you to the first divine from the Republic of Moldova with PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) status – Divine Călărași Legenda VS. Produced from distillates matured in oak barrels for at least three years, this exclusive liqueur possesses an impressive bouquet of complex floral-fruity aromas, but also subtle notes of vanilla, chocolate and honey […]
We are happy to tell you that at the Concorso Enologico Internazionale Città del Vino 2023 Moldovan wines were appreciated and awarded with gold and Grand Gold medals. According to the organizers, around 60 experts and representatives of various sectors participate in the tasting sessions of this competition every year, including oenologists, importers, technicians and […]

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