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Good news for Moldovan wine lovers!

We proudly announce that in a short time, the 2nd edition of the “Wine of Moldova” National Competition will be held in Chisinau. The event will take place on November 9 and 10 at Digital Park, where 60 wine companies from the country will present 294 wine samples for judging.

The samples will be judged by wine experts from the country, but also by specialists from abroad, who will come to Chisinau from Romania, the Netherlands, South Korea, Germany, Poland, Georgia, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The winners of the contest will be awarded at the Wine Vernissage, which will take place on December 15 at the Republic Palace. We are eagerly awaiting the results, to find out which are the best Moldovan wines, wines that we will have the opportunity to fully enjoy at the Wine Opening.

The “Wine of Moldova” National Contest is dedicated to wines produced from local varieties, wines produced from new varieties of Moldovan selection, wines obtained by assembling them with those from European varieties, blended wines obtained from assembling European varieties, as well as spirits of winemaking origin .

The “Wine of Moldova” competition is organized by the National Vine and Wine Office with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry, with the support of the strategic partner – USAID Moldova, through the rural competitiveness and resilience project.

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We are happy to share the news of the collaboration with the prestigious Euronews platform!

The Euronews team produced a series of articles about the wine industry in Moldova. The first article celebrates the tradition of Moldovan winemaking and reveals the heritage and unique terroir of Moldova, wine regions with Protected Geographical Indication, internationally renowned vineyards and wineries.

The created materials contribute both to the knowledge of this important sector in our country by the lovers and experts of quality wine from all over the world, and to the promotion of Moldovan Wine abroad.

We invite you to discover more in the article by accessing the link :

Accessing the link

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The Republic of Moldova is internationally recognized for its wine successes, but also for the records in the wine industry that bring us fame all over the world.

Mileștii Mici wineries hold the Guinness record for the largest collection of bottles in the world, with an impressive figure ranging from 1.5 to 2 million bottles of wine!

The collection is housed along 55 km of underground tunnels, at a depth of between 30 and 80 meters. Humidity and temperature are naturally kept stable in the limestone tunnels. Therefore, the collection is not only a Guinness World Record holder, but also an example of a sustainable cellar.

Equally impressive are the cellars of the Cricova state winery, 18 km north of Chisinau. At a depth of 60 meters, 120 km of tunnels, also excavated from limestone rock, house the second largest collection of bottles in Moldova (1.3 million), which includes priceless wine treasures, some dating back to the 1902.

Learn more about Moldova’s winemaking successes in this article published on Decanter: https://www.decanter.com/…/a-gateway-to-moldovas-soul…/


33 medals for Moldavian Wine!

We are extremely happy to share with you the impressive results obtained by Vinul Moldovei at the prestigious international competition Selections Mondiales des Vins Canada.

Wine of Moldova supported participation in this remarkable event with 42 wine samples, representing 27 wine companies from our country: Chateau Cojusna, Migdal-P, Vinia Traian, Purcari Wines, Fautor Winery, Castel Mimi, Mileștii Mici, Vinaria din Vale, Vinuri Ialoveni SA, Domeniile Cuza, Aromint Lux, Salcuta, NOVAK Winery, Chateau Vartely Winery, Tartcomvin, Apriori Wine, “Slobozia Mare” Wine Factory and Tomai Vinex.

Our producers brought home exactly 33 medals, of which 22 gold, 5 silver and 6 Grand Gold medals. Thanks to this exceptional performance, our country entered the top 50 medaled wines in the competition.

Congratulations to all our winemakers for these extraordinary achievements. These outstanding results are a tribute to your passion, work and dedication in producing wines of exceptional quality.

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“National Wine Day: A Celebration of Joy, Taste and Diversity!”

Every year, National Wine Day brings together thousands of visitors from all over the world to discover our wine wealth and explore the country’s gastronomic diversity.

And at this year’s edition, we had dear guests from abroad, guests whom we welcomed with open arms.

We invite you to convince yourself of this by watching the video below.

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“Discover the Magic of Moldavian Wine: A True Elixir of Tradition and Hospitality”.

In Moldova, wine is not just a simple product, but represents a fundamental element of a modest but elegant way of life that defines the identity of this country. We are incredibly proud of what foreigners call “Moldovan hospitality”. Every guest is important to us, that’s why we always serve them with the tastiest dishes and the best wines.

In recent years, Moldova has become a very attractive destination for foreign tourists. We have a lot of wineries and restaurants in the country that are ready to receive them at the highest level, giving them the opportunity to try our traditional dishes and tasty wines, which bring us fame to the world. Chateau Vartely Winery, Mircești Winery, Chateau Cojusna, Migdal-P, Château Purcari, Et Cetera and others. have become true emblematic landmarks for tourists. And wine events such as the Wine Opening and Moldova Wine Day gather thousands of visitors from all over the world every year. Especially since our wines are associated with famous traditional dishes, such as juice, polenta stew, sarmales or pies.

In an article published on Decanter, you can learn more about the wine-gastronomic diversity of our country:


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“Chisinau celebrated: National Wine Day 2023.”

On October 7 and 8, Chisinau celebrated to the fullest!

Visitors from all over the world gathered to taste the authentic Moldovan wines – aromatic, tasty and produced with passion and dedication.

See in this video how the event unfolded, and if you didn’t make it, we’ll be waiting for you in 2024!

Our wine conquers the world!

The National Wine Day was organized by the National Vine and Wine Office (ONVV), the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Moldova, with the support of the strategic partner USAID Moldova, through the Rural Competitiveness and Resilience Project.

Main partners of the event: maib, mastercard.

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Prestige Visit: Guests from South Korea discover the Wines of Moldova.

Between October 5 and 11, 2023, Wine of Moldova hosted a prestigious trade event, during which we were visited by connoisseurs and representatives of the South Korean wine industry:

– Mr. Chan Jun Park: influencer, sommelier, director of the Asia Wine Trophy and director of the Eastern and Central European Wine Institute.

– Ms. Jung Heui Lee: Vice President of Vinideus Korea.

– Mr. Sung Wook Han: Chairman of Wine Brothers, partner of Ginana.

– Mr. Yoonwon Choi: President of Juju Korea, formerly employed at Keumyang International.

– Mr. Ho Kim: President of Vino Solution, which represents 12 import companies.

– Mr. Moon Bae Ju: sommelier, known for his passion for Moldovan wines and active presence on social networks.

– Mr. Taeho Choi: CEO of Avecwine Co., LDT.

During this trade trip, the most important buyers and media representatives gathered to taste and discover the uniqueness and value of our national treasure – wine.

Korean importers and experts undertook this visit to identify new opportunities for collaboration and expansion of wine portfolios in South Korea. They explored the excellence of Moldovan wine production and visited several famous wineries:



Luca Winery House

Mimi Castle

Asconi winery

Château Vartely



Château Christi

The Little Millets

This event represented a remarkable opportunity for our Korean friends to discover the unique character and exceptional quality of Moldovan wines.

This trade was organized with the support of strategic partners USAID Moldova.

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Moldovan wine in South Korea.

Last week, Moldovei Wine participated in the “Vinexpo Meetings 2023” event, held in Seoul, South Korea, between October 5 and 6.

The event was dedicated to the wine business network and brought together wine buyers, importers and distributors.

South Korea represents an extremely dynamic wine market in Asia and promises to be very promising for the next decade. Vinexpo Meetings Korea marked the first step towards developing business relations in this market. With a population of 55 million, South Korea is now the tenth largest economy in the world, and its passion for wine is growing steadily.

The National Office of Vine and Wine supported 5 wine producers from Moldova to participate in the event. Chateau Vartely, Fautor, TM Kazayak, Vinaria din Vale and NOVAK wineries had the opportunity to identify new importers and extraordinary opportunities for business development.

We are excited about the prospects opened up in this ever-expanding market and look forward to seeing how our winemakers’ collaboration with our new partners in South Korea will evolve.

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“Success of Moldovan Wine: Figures and Amazing Achievements!​

Traditionally, every year after Wine Day, we review the impressive numbers that marked this wine celebration. At this year’s edition, 130,000 people celebrated the success of Moldovan wine and said in unison: “Our wine conquers the world!”

This year’s edition had a special significance, because the country’s wine brand “Vinul Moldovei. A Living Legend’ celebrated a decade since its release on the international market.

This year, exactly 94 local producers exhibited 6000 bottles of wine in PMAN, to the delight of the guests. Of these, 30,000 bottles of wine were offered for tasting at their stands, and event visitors went home with over 132,000 bottles of wine.

In addition, guests who wanted to meet the winemakers purchased 3,500 Tasting Cards and completed 42,000 tastings over two days using the 12 tickets included.

National Wine Day was also celebrated in style at the country’s wineries, where 20,000 wine lovers chose to explore the Wine Route and discover our legendary wineries. During this period, the wineries sold 15,000 bottles to visitors who crossed their threshold.

We are incredibly proud of these numbers, which were possible thanks to you, those who came to the market and celebrated Moldavian Wine. We are confident that the next edition will impress with even greater numbers.

See you on October 5-6, 2024, at the National Wine Day!