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Moldovan wine in Denmark part III

On August 29, in the city of Copenhagen, the second event in the series dedicated to Moldovan wines in Denmark took place. Several importers and media representatives were present at the Marriott Hotel in Copenhagen, where they had the opportunity to enjoy the selection of Moldovan wines with our winemakers.

The visitors had a special masterclass and walk around testing sessions in which they were able to personally explore the varied range of wines from Moldova. We were also honored again by the presence of the Danish countess Helene Danneskiold-Samsøe, who once again expressed her delight at the diversity and quality of Moldovan wines.

During 2023, according to ONVV’s Marketing Plan, we will continue to carry out such activities to promote Moldovan wines in the strategic markets of the Netherlands and Denmark. Stay close to keep up with our news!

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Moldovan wine in Denmark part II

Yesterday, August 28, an event dedicated to wines from Moldova took place in the city of Aarhus in Denmark. More than 30 importers explored our diverse range of wines with interest.

A local expert revealed to us the secrets of the Danish market, and our compatriot Vasile Catan, owner of a wine bar in Copenhagen, held an exciting masterclass that ended with a tasting with the 24 representatives of Moldovan wineries.

The event was honored with the presence of the Danish countess Helene Danneskiold-Samsøe, who was deeply impressed by the quality and diversity of Moldovan wines.

The series of visits dedicated to Moldovan wines continues today in Copenhagen. 100 importers and media representatives have confirmed their presence at the Marriott Hotel to explore and enjoy our selection of quality Moldovan wines.

These efforts are part of ONVV’s 2023 Marketing Plan and reflect activities to promote Moldovan wines in strategic markets in the Netherlands and Denmark.

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Sign up for the Winery of the Future 2023 Competition

The competition is about innovation and modernization from hub to bottle.

All registered wineries will benefit from technical assistance and consultancy.

5 winners will receive up to 150,000 lei per company for the implementation of the technologies.

Who can participate?

All wineries in the Republic of Moldova, registered according to the legislation in force, which have a good reputation and are registered in the Wine Registry.

What are the steps to follow?

  1. Fill out the competition registration form – https://rb.gy/iutlk
  2. Prepare a project proposal (pitch), according to the model that can be downloaded here: https://rb.gy/2xn8s
  3. Send the pitch to: winetourism@chemonics.md by September 20, 2023, 5:00 p.m.

What are we looking for?

  • Innovation, feasibility, sustainability and impact in the wine industry.
  • Projects that bring innovations and significant improvements to the stages of the wine value chain.

Unique opportunity to keep up with the latest technologies such as IoT, robots, drones, ERP, CRM, artificial intelligence and more. Each company-candidate to the program can benefit from consulting services subsidized by the program to identify technologies, develop technical specifications, facilitate dialogue with tech suppliers.

The contest is organized by the USAID Rural Competitiveness and Resilience Project in Moldova (PCRR), the National Vine and Wine Office (ONVV) and the Agency for the Development and Modernization of Agriculture (ADMA).

To benefit from funding, the winners must co-finance at least 30% of the total budget needed to implement their project.

See the full Contest Rules: https://rb.gy/w4ie2

Registration for the Winery of the Future 2023 Competition is open here: https://rb.gy/iutlk

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National Conference – The Particularities of the 2023 Harvest

On August 25, the National Office of Vine and Wine is organizing the National Conference – The Particularities of the Harvest, an event dedicated to the grape harvest of the 2023 season. During this conference, speeches and interactive sessions will be held by leading participants from the wine and agricultural industry.

Starting at 10:30 a.m., attendees will be able to register and receive informational materials and conference kits. At the opening of the event, prestigious personalities from the field will speak, such as the interim director of ONVV Elizaveta Breahnă, the Minister of Agriculture and Food Industry Vladimir Bolea, the EU ambassador in the Republic of Moldova Janis Mazeiks, the MAIA representative Adrian Digolean and others.

During the conference, the topics addressed will include the viticultural situation and the particularities of grape processing in the 2023 season, discussed by Elizaveta Breahnă, the interim director of ONVV. Also, Adrian Digolean, Secretary of State responsible for the wine sector within the MAIA, will present the current state and prospects of this sector.

Angela Căpatină, manager of the wine industry and marketing within the USAID Rural Competitiveness and Resilience Project (PCRR), will reveal the opportunities to support the wine sector from the PCRR and USAID. Diana Coșalîc, deputy director of AIPA, will discuss the subsidy strategies for the wine sector in the years 2023-2026.

In addition, the role of state control in ensuring the quality and safety of wine products will be analyzed, presented by Sergiu Mazureac, head of the Directorate for the Control of Safety and Quality of Wine Products, Ethyl Alcohol, Beer and Alcoholic Products within ANSA. Also, the importance of registering wine plots in the Wine Register, as well as the particularities of the 2022-2023 wine year, including meteorological conditions and phenology, will be discussed, under the guidance of Ștefan Iamandi and Vladimir Corobca, viticulture coordinator at ONVV.

The event will end with a workshop led by the interim director of ONVV, Elizaveta Breahnă, where the participants will learn the techniques for evaluating the maturity of the grapes and tasting the grapes, developing their expertise in this field.

Come to the conference at Digital Park or watch the event live on the ONVV Facebook page and YouTube channel.

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Moldovan wines in the Netherlands

Even after a month from the event dedicated to Moldovan Wine in Amsterdam, materials dedicated to it continue to appear in the Dutch press, a fact that can only make us happy, such as the article “Moldova wine country, a special country of wines”, written by Jon Peter van den Oever for Anne-Wies.nl.

(source: https://www.anne-wies.nl/wijnland-moldavie-een-bijzonder…/).

The Masterclass dedicated to Moldovan Wine and presented by Cees van Casteren, Master of Wine in the Netherlands, consultant, writer, teacher and freelance journalist and organized by the PitchPR agency took place at the Maurits Hotel, Amsterdam.

This session and presentation of Moldovan wines is a new stage in the discovery and affirmation of their quality and potential for Dutch wine experts and lovers.

Cees van Casteren, the facilitator of the masterclass, is a consultant in various winemaking initiatives, both in the Netherlands and abroad, including in the Republic of Moldova. The presentation emphasized the capabilities and rich wine culture of our country, discussing several topics about the “wine country – Moldova”, including the location, the landscape, the importance of the wine sector in the export sector of the country, the history of wine, the transition from the old Soviet customs to contemporary good practices and the tourism potential of the region.

The event culminated with a lunch accompanied by the tasting of several quality wines from Moldova.

The partnership between Vinul Moldovei, PitchPR and Cees van Casteren MV represents an important opportunity and initiative for the promotion of Moldovan wines abroad.

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Online Trade and Digital Marketing of Moldovan Wines for Export

This was the theme of another panel within the Wine & Tech Forum, moderated by Alexei Burciu, in which experts in this important field brought to the fore the REALITIES we face in this digital age and offered innovative solutions to bring Wine exports Moldova on the heights of success. It’s been an explosion of ideas and strategies, and now we urge you to act decisively to take advantage of the immense opportunities that digital platforms offer.

Vlad Vedrasco, e-commerce expert, presented a relevant analysis of online wine sales and highlighted the advantages of the eMag platform, such as efficient logistics, the opportunity for paid advertising, but also the increased visibility due to the highest online traffic in Romania. The expert encouraged winemakers to also explore the Amazon platform to test new ways of promotion in Western markets. The presence of a certain product on famous e-commerce platforms such as eMag or Amazon gives credibility to the product and the manufacturer.

At the same time, the expert also emphasized that e-commerce platforms represent the simple and effective solution for expanding the presence in the online environment, and the trend of wine sales on the Internet is growing rapidly.

Also on the panel, Victor Cazac, expert in digital marketing and online sales, recommended wine producers to consider having their own website, which comes with multiple advantages such as total control over the relationship with customers; direct access to customers; a higher sales margin; flexibility in pricing; creating a virtual community with the active involvement of customers, etc. He also reiterated the importance of presence on e-commerce platforms, but once there, it is to draw attention to your own brand and product presentation, offering the customer as much information as possible such as videos, presentations, information about medals won, the technical description of the wine. Victor also shared 10 essential steps to succeed in online wine sales, giving us an overview of effective digital strategy.

Towards the end, Mihai Ion, regional manager of the FAN Courier company – a courier and logistics service provider in Romania, spoke about the complete and complex logistics services, adapted to the requirements of the wine market in Moldova and Romania.

The Wine & Tech Forum was organized by the National Vine and Wine Office of Moldova and the Agency for the Development and Modernization of Agriculture with the strategic support of the Rural Competitiveness and Resilience Project funded by USAID Moldova and the Technologies of the Future Project, funded by USAID, Embassy of Sweden in Chisinau and UK in Moldova – British Embassy Chisinau, in collaboration with the Technical University of Moldova and COR Creative Industries Association in Moldova.