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“Discover the Magic of Moldavian Wine: A True Elixir of Tradition and Hospitality”.

In Moldova, wine is not just a simple product, but represents a fundamental element of a modest but elegant way of life that defines the identity of this country. We are incredibly proud of what foreigners call “Moldovan hospitality”. Every guest is important to us, that’s why we always serve them with the tastiest dishes and the best wines.

In recent years, Moldova has become a very attractive destination for foreign tourists. We have a lot of wineries and restaurants in the country that are ready to receive them at the highest level, giving them the opportunity to try our traditional dishes and tasty wines, which bring us fame to the world. Chateau Vartely Winery, Mircești Winery, Chateau Cojusna, Migdal-P, Château Purcari, Et Cetera and others. have become true emblematic landmarks for tourists. And wine events such as the Wine Opening and Moldova Wine Day gather thousands of visitors from all over the world every year. Especially since our wines are associated with famous traditional dishes, such as juice, polenta stew, sarmales or pies.

In an article published on Decanter, you can learn more about the wine-gastronomic diversity of our country:


Press Releases

Moldova’s wine revolution

The history of viticulture in Moldova began millennia ago.

In recent years, Moldovan wines have brought a real revolution to the market, being increasingly appreciated and sought after internationally.

In 2022, a wine from Moldova was named the best red wine in the world at the “Concours Mondial de Bruxelles”.

In 2013, a structural reform of the sector established new and transformational standards for wine quality and regulation. More and more winemakers have begun combining historic native varieties with modern winemaking practices to produce high-quality wines with authentic and unique character.

The effort has been rewarded with more than 6000 medals won in prestigious international competitions in the last five years. These successes are a testimony to the work and vision of our winemakers, who have transformed the Republic of Moldova into a fascinating wine destination.

The Decanter publication analyzes the success, but also the challenges that Moldovan winemakers have faced on their way to fame.

Full article here:

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Press Releases

The wine of Moldova has reached the famous publication Decanter, where several articles have appeared about the advantages of the wine industry in Moldova.

One of them is dedicated to the climatic advantages of this region.

Moldova has a long history of vine cultivation.

In recent years, Moldovei Wine has experienced extraordinary success abroad. Practically, our wine has become one of the ambassadors of the country, being increasingly appreciated by both consumers and oenology specialists. Moreover, every year Moldovan wines bring home a record number of medals from the biggest wine competitions.

In a publication published in the prestigious Decanter, we can find out what is behind this success, and one of the important factors is resilience, an essential characteristic influenced by several factors.

Our mild climate and clear days, accompanied by cool nights, give the grapes a perfect growing period and the opportunity to develop unique flavors and characteristics. The fertile soils of Moldova, rich in minerals and nutrients, provide a favorable environment for the development of vines. Also, the balanced biodiversity of our country contributes to the health and stability of the viticultural ecosystem.

The characteristics of this region are perfect for viticulture, and that’s what makes our wines so special.

Learn more by reading the full article here:

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We are passionate about what we do and proud whenever our work gets noticed. Wine of Moldova in the Digi 24 report.

We are passionate about what we do and proud whenever our work gets noticed. Nothing gives us greater joy than the opportunity to share our enthusiasm for the production of the highest quality wines with as many of you as possible.

Thanks to Digi 24 journalists, an even larger audience was able to discover the unique experiences we offered to the guests at the RO-Wine 2023 Festival, where 40 wineries from the Republic of Moldova offered for tasting more than 200 varieties of wine, produced under umbrella “Wine of Moldova – A living legend”.

The passion for tradition and quality, together with your appreciation, are the engine of our activity!